1. Week 2 in a new town. Not getting much easier. 

  2. Old shorts plus humidity equals thigh chaffing equals having to walk around like John Wayne all day

  3. Saw Katie Rice do this the other day and decided to give it a shot, document your style and whateverthehaveyou ever day. 

    Crap quality until I find a good place to scan things…

  4. They redesigned batgirl with a leather jacket, and from someone with boobs that’s GOTTA be better than spandex…

  5. annoobular:

    My hip character, Peepsock, doin’ a big ole swagga.

    DAMN Anna you’re killing it

  6. Doing two things I love with mild success

  7. Back from Europe and missing mosquito-free livin’

  8. pifflethecomic:

    It’s crunch time and I keep procrastinating by making comics about it being crunch time


  9. Freaking wind…