1. Watercolors from my Eurotrip this summer 

  2. My brother was in town this weekend. 

    It went pretty much as expected. 

  3. How Titanic should have ended

  4. Another week in Ithaca

  5. I imagine that if I ever meet my ‘true love’, it’ll be something like this

  6. LOVED LOVED LOVED ADORED AND LOVED Guardians of the Galaxy.

    But I thought drinking with Star Lord might have been a bit of a trial

  7. Another week of draws

  8. Week 2 in a new town. Not getting much easier. 

  9. Old shorts plus humidity equals thigh chaffing equals having to walk around like John Wayne all day

  10. Saw Katie Rice do this the other day and decided to give it a shot, document your style and whateverthehaveyou ever day. 

    Crap quality until I find a good place to scan things…