2. Octogirl

  3. More previews from my comic

  4. Guys guys guys this is what I get to wear to my senior thesis show and I can’t wait to be all the kinds of teal.

  5. oliviawhen:

    A truly unstoppable force.

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  6. ghostcarpress:


    #043 Not the Fastest Colorist in the West

    Just your weekly reminder to follow inkdick.

    blerrrrgh feel this

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  7. oncomics:


    boris and lalage and “the loneliest whale”.. the rest of the story is here

    based on the story of the 52-hz whale

    Something different.

    I love this.

    Oh my giddy aunt I NEED this comic

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  8. I don’t want to talk in-depth about my netflix addiction….but I do know that it is rather unhealthy.

  9. I tried to put on tights the other day. 

    Emphasis on tried. 

  10. Another preview from my upcoming comic, “The Ocean’s Story”.

    More previews to come.